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Welcome to So You’ve Been Dumped

Thank you for visiting and a warm welcome to SYBD! Since 2000, this site has been offering breakup support, along with inspirational stories, tips and advice.

Your new story starts here, now.

Hello and thank you for visiting So You’ve Been Dumped – the longest running breakup site on the web! To celebrate our milestone birthday, 4th of July 2020, SYBD started over from scratch (not unlike many of our site members!)

If you have found yourself unintentionally single, dumped, ghosted, unfriended or unfollowed by someone you thought cared, then you’re in the right place.

While the advice here is generally aimed at the lovelorn, if you’ve been rejected at a job, by a friend or left out of a group chat, then you’ll find some inspiring tips and support too.

I’m Thea Newcomb and I launched SYBD due to my own experience of being unceremoniously dumped – three times, in about as many years.

Honestly, being dumped was the best thing that ever happened to me…eventually.

Want to share your story? 

Add your story to the How, When and Where Did Your Relationship End blog post.

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While pain is generally inevitable, one’s suffering is not.

You can choose a different response, starting right now.

Welcome to SYBD

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Take a look through some of SYBD’s most popular posts over the last twenty years. We are updating posts weekly.

Thea’s 12 Stages of a Breakup – video

You may find the 12 Stages of a Breakup (& How to Survive Them) video both helpful and entertaining. While it is a wee bit long (around 11 mins!) – it will be useful to consider the various stages of the healing process and what it takes to really get over your ex.

The video walks through the universal experiences of hurt, anger, confusion, the seemingly crazy thoughts and behaviours and the whole non-linear process that is getting over it.

Do feel free to add your comments on the video over on SYBD’s YouTube channel.

Thea's Break Up Story

Did you hear the one about the girl who was dumped three times in as many years? Read about the inspiration behind the launching of So You’ve Been Dumped on the About SYBD page. 

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