SYBD’s 10 Silly Ways to Annoy Your Ex

Well hello there, beautiful souls! A trip down the SYBD memory lane brought forth this treasure, and I just had to share it with you for some giggles. Dive in for some light-hearted banter, 10 Silly Ways to Annoy Your Ex, but remember, it’s all just good fun!

  1. Sing the praises of how much your new flame earns! Make it sound even more grand if they’re whisking you away to a luxurious weekend in the Maldives.
  2. Casually drop that, in retrospect, you’ve always felt you were punching a bit below your weight when it came to attractiveness with them…
  3. Embark on a whirlwind romance with their cousin, barista, yoga instructor, or next-door neighbour. Key point:  
  4. Channel your inner ninja. Sneak into their home and plant questionable items – a mysterious scarf, or perhaps a provocative postcard – just waiting to be discovered by their new love interest.
  5. Mention those two VIP tickets you snagged to that sold-out concert of their favourite band. Then, with an innocent face, say you’d have invited them but, you know, you were just being considerate of their feelings.
  6. With feigned concern, ask if they’ve been having a few extra late-night snacks or if that’s just the lighting playing tricks on their hairline.
  7. Join their workplace/team/group and become the new office sensation. Flirting? It’s just being friendly, right?
  8. Subscribe them to a few unique magazines or catalogues. Nothing screams “thinking of you” like a quarterly fetish gear catalogue.
  9. Draft the outline of your next bestselling book: “My Ex and Their Eccentricities”. Or, if you’re in the mood, sell the intriguing tales of your time together to a tabloid!
  10. Update your social media profile with a glamorous photo of you, glowing in the sun, with a drop-dead gorgeous sidekick. The brighter your smile, the more it’ll sting.

This Was Just For Fun

Alright, lovelies, let’s take a breather and laugh it off! While the list was meant to tickle your funny bone, it’s far from a playbook. Some of these were cheeky suggestions from the early 2000s and are best left there!

Want to know the ultimate way to get under an ex’s skin? Live your best life. Radiate happiness. Let them see you thrive, prosper, and above all, move forward with grace. They might say they want to see you do well, but a little pang of jealousy is inevitable when they witness your new glow. Remember, it’s been said that “Living well is the best revenge”, and at So You’ve Been Dumped, we couldn’t agree more.

So, here’s to being better, not bitter. Keep the humour alive, but always remember where the line is drawn!

Cheers and chuckles,


P.S. If this gave you a laugh, share it with a mate who could do with some light-hearted fun! And if you fancy sharing your comedic tales of post-breakup mischief, drop us a comment. Just keep it PG! 😉

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