When Being Left Turns Out Right

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If you’ve just landed on SYBD for the first time, I extend a heartfelt welcome to you.

My name’s Thea, the founder of this place. I’ve often exclaimed, “Being dumped was one of the best things that ever happened to me!” But it wasn’t an immediate realisation. On the dreaded D-Day and in the tumultuous weeks and months that followed, I grappled with feelings of shock, hurt, confusion, anger, and a myriad of other overwhelming emotions. At times, I even questioned my will to carry on.

However, with time, introspection, and support, I processed the breakup, healed, and embarked on a brighter chapter. And I believe, deep down, the same transformative journey awaits you.

A Better Life After a Breakup

Breakups Work Out For the Highest Good…

Since launching SYBD over twenty years ago, one profound lesson has crystalised for me: more often than not, breakups lead to a brighter outcome than we can initially envision.

Put simply, the pain of being left behind, in the grand tapestry of life, often unfolds as a blessing, paving the way for growth and new opportunities for both individuals involved.

The resilience of the human spirit shines through as most not only navigate the stormy aftermath of a breakup, but with the passage of time, they truly flourish

After a breakup, moving on varies from person to person

Moving On Takes Different Shapes

In general, as time passes, the majority find their way to move on in diverse and beautiful manners. There are countless stories of individuals who never believed they’d find love again, yet they found themselves in new relationships, sometimes leading to starting families.

But ‘moving on’ is a phrase that carries different connotations for different people…

It’s vital to understand that moving on isn’t always about diving into a new relationship. For me, it signifies embracing a life that’s rich and fulfilling in its own right.

Throughout the years on the SYBD blog and our forum, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless individuals:

  • Embark on entrepreneurial journeys
  • Pivot in their careers or adopt new roles
  • Pursue further education, from school to university levels
  • Set off on global adventures
  • Relocate homes, sometimes crossing states, countries, and even continents
  • Launch blogs, pen books, create films, produce music
  • Dedicate their time to volunteering
  • Dive into fresh hobbies or sports

...All of these were born from the transformative power of a breakup.

Having seen innumerable men and women, of all age brackets, plummet to their emotional depths post-breakup, often declaring they’d “never move past it”, it’s been nothing short of heartwarming to watch them do exactly the opposite.

From my vantage point, even today, I’ve observed new partners entering their lives, watched as they made house purchases, celebrated nuptials, attained academic laurels, kicked off creative ventures, expanded their families, and so much more. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, reminding us how life, in its infinite wisdom, marches on.

Man on mountain - how is your life better after a breakup - share on sybd

How Is Your Life Better After a Breakup?

I’m reaching out to each one of you – especially to those who’ve ever felt that life was falling apart post-breakup – only to later realise that it paved the way for a new beginning.

Whether you were the one who walked away or the one left behind, I want to hear how you transitioned from feeling shattered to discovering a renewed sense of self. It doesn’t have to be a grand tale of triumph. It’s not about bestselling books or high-profile accolades. I’m interested in your authentic journey of how you navigated the phase of “it’s over” to confidently saying you’re “over it”.

I genuinely believe that sharing your experiences will not only be therapeutic for you but can also provide solace and inspiration to someone else grappling with heartbreak. For those currently in the throes of despair, your story might just be the beacon of hope they need.

Both you and I know that they’ll get through it. It’s a matter of when, not if.

With warmth and gratitude,


P.S.: If this resonates, do consider sharing this post with anyone who has found a silver lining post-breakup. If you’re open to us highlighting your story further, please do let me know.

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