Welcome to the Exchange

welcome to soyouvebeendumped.com's -  exchange an online forum for dumpees

The SYBD Exchange (our members forum)- is now closed for the foreseeable future. So sorry for the inconvenience. This decision was taken – namely due to the fact that the only real daily activity was coming from a bunch of BOTS and spammers. 

I truly wanted to provide an anonymous space for people to come and share their breakup stories but for now it is not to be. Perhaps in the future it will be rebooted for a third time? Who knows?

I still welcome your stories on the blog so please feel free to share how when and where your relationship ended, funny break up lines, a ghosting story, or the tale of how you bounced back after breaking up with an ex partner.  The post ‘When Being Left Turns Out Right’ is my fave and I look forward to seeing your story there!

Welcome to the exchange - the so you've been dumped forum for breakups and divorces

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