What is the Future of SYBD?

In 2019, as we approached the 20th anniversary of “So You’ve Been Dumped” (SYBD), a dear friend inspired me to relaunch the site. Enthusiastically, I began the process. But just as I delved into the task, the same friend vanished.

It felt like I’d hit a wall.

But, in the spirit of resilience and community, a few other friends stepped up to the plate. Together, we breathed new life into SYBD, bringing back both the site and forum in July.

Yet, the response was not what I’d anticipated. Despite our efforts, the traffic was sparse, and most of it seemed to be not genuine visitors but bots and potential hackers. Each day felt like a relentless game of whack-a-mole. On top of this, old troubles resurfaced, including an ongoing issue with someone who’s convinced I’ve been bothering her, while I’ve felt quite the opposite.

I find myself, on one chilly January morning, pondering the fate of SYBD.

Is it time to say goodbye?
After two decades without a personal heartbreak, I question whether I’ve shared all the wisdom I can offer. I wonder, “Why am I holding onto SYBD?” and “Is my passion for this project still alive?”

Truth be told, my heart whispers, “no”.

While the future of SYBD remains uncertain, one thing is clear: if things don’t change significantly in the coming months, SYBD might not see another year.

But for now, the future remains unwritten. Maybe I stick around to see how we grow by its 25 anniversary? Time will tell.





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