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Going through a breakup and feel like you have some things you’d like to say to your ex? You’re in the right place. On SYBD, we have a few ways to get those things off your chest.

Many years ago, circa 2005, a lovely site member, Licketysplit, started the “Dead Message Office” (aka the DMO) thread on our forumThe DMO was a thread that struck a chord in almost every dumper and dumpee who ever visited this site.

It was a safe and perfect place to say what you wanted to say to your ex. It could be long form – like a letter to an ex – or it might simply be one sentence. In either case it was always a raw and heartfelt note in the moment

Its content was always as varied as the people of the world who used it, and so I thought it was worth resurrecting on the SYBD blog several years ago where it ended up with nearly 600 comments. The post clearly struck the same chord as the original forum thread.

We’ve just started over from scratch for our 20th anniversary, so it’s now the Dead Message Diary.

SYBD: The Dead Message Diary - if you have something to say to your ex, say it here

The Dead Message Diary – A Place to Vent

What people have continually shared on the forum and blog post were things like: “I miss you” or at other times might be angry sentiments like “I f**king hate you”. It could be “I had a dream about you last night”.

There have been members who came to ask questions like: 

  • “What’s s/he got that I’ve not got?” 
  • “What did I do to deserve this?”  
  • “Did you love me at all?” 
  • “Do you miss me?” 
  • “Do you think of me?” 
  • “How could you!?!” 

Sometimes people simply just wanted to say, “I’m sorry”…

It really could be anything.

Use SYBD to Get it Over Your Chest - Say it To Your Ex Here

Get it Off Your Chest – Say It to Your Ex

So it’s time to take all of these unresolved thoughts, words, and feelings that have nowhere to go and vent them.

Instead of letting the thoughts constantly replay in your mind, over and over, driving you crazy, for hours, days, weeks, months or even longer….get it out! 

Tell your ex everything you want to say but felt you couldn’t until now

Maybe they moved on to someone else. Maybe you were too angry. Perhaps you were too scared or embarrassed.

Use SYBD to get a closure of sorts.

This is your chance to vent whatever it is you need to tell him or her. You’d be amazed how good it feels to share your feelings and just get it out.

Maybe you don’t have anything to say right now. It may also help you just to read other people’s stories, feelings, pain, emotions.

You’ll realise you’re not alone, because you’re honestly not. Whatever it is you’re feeling, whoever you are, wherever you are, someone else is feeling it too. If 20+ years of running this site has taught me anything, it’s that heartbreak is truly universal.

So please tell your ex you love ’em, hate ’em, or miss them – whatever you want, but before you do…

Some Simple Rules before Venting to your EX here

A Few Simple Rules Before Venting

Use the comments field below to vent to your heart’s content, but please only first names and no super-specific identifiable details. I don’t want to get in trouble from your ex (or any other parties that may be involved).

Oh and please watch the profanity. If you need to curse – throw in a few ** – will you? I’d appreciate it…

NOTE: All SYBD comments are moderated.

Lastly if you don’t have something specific to say to your ex right now, you could simply share your breakup story on how, when and where did your relationship end.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you have any questions or content you’d like me to cover here on soyouvebeendumped.com

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