20 Dating Trends Deciphered

Hello, my heart-healing warriors! Fancy a cheeky stroll through the bewildering maze that is modern romance? Snuggle down with your favourite cuppa, and let’s unravel the peculiarities of today’s dating scene.

1. The Slow Drift: The Art of the Polite Brush-Off

Remember when a simple ‘no’ would do? Nowadays, it’s all about those lukewarm responses that keep you hanging, neither confirming nor denying interest. It’s as if they’ve taken lessons in the hokey-cokey dance of emotions: one foot in, one foot out.

The houdini act- the disappearing or ghosting person2. The Houdini Act: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

One moment, they’re showering you with attention, and the next – poof! They’ve vanished. If your love interest is pulling consistent disappearing acts, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself if this magic show is worth the ticket price.

3. Silent Watcher: The Phantom of Your Social Media

Messages? Radio silence. But social media posts? Oh, they’re the first to react. If someone’s ghosting your messages but haunting your online presence, it’s high time to perform a digital exorcism and reclaim your peace.

4. The Almost-But-Not-Quite Tango: Dancing Around Commitment

Caught in a dance that’s always out of sync? Love requires two to tango in harmony. Don’t settle for a partner who’s always off-beat.

A desert with a vulture and a rose. The Relationship Vulture (Vulturing)

5. The Relationship Vulture: Patience isn’t always a virtue

There’s always that one person, lingering in the shadows, waiting for relationships to falter so they can swoop in. Beware of those with an opportunistic love language, for their intentions might not always be pure.

6. Love Blinders: Ignoring the Glaring Red Flags

We’ve all been guilty of turning a blind eye to clear warning signs, holding onto hope. But remember, while love might be blind, it’s essential to keep your eyes wide open to reality.

7. The Shadow Lover: Why Aren’t We Official Yet?

Are you kept behind the scenes, like an understudy waiting for a chance to shine? You deserve center stage, not the wings. Demand your spotlight!

8. The Chameleon Love: Being Who They Want, Not Who You Are

Changing colours to fit someone’s whims? Real love appreciates the genuine you. Embrace your true colours and find someone who loves your unique palette.

9. The Safety Net: Always the Option, Never the Choice

Being treated as a backup isn’t just unfair; it’s heartbreaking. Know your worth, and never settle for being someone’s plan B.

10. Digital Puppetry: Letting Someone Else Pull the Strings

Outsourcing your love life? While friends might have good intentions, only you truly know your heart’s desires. Take charge and trust your instincts.

11. Show-Off Love: Wooing Through Posts

Parading love through social media might get likes, but genuine affection doesn’t need validation. Seek love that values private moments over public displays.

12. The Hidden Affair: Why Aren’t We Public?

If your relationship feels like a covert operation, it’s time to question its authenticity. True love never hides in the shadows.

13. The Gentle Goodbye: Softening the Blow

Are they sugar-coating a breakup? While kindness is appreciated, honesty is paramount. Seek closure, not cushions.

14. Resurrection Texts: The Dead Don’t Always Rest

When past flings rise from the digital graveyard, it’s essential to discern if they bring genuine intentions or just echoes of past mistakes.

15. The Sidelines: Always Waiting, Never Playing

If you’re always on standby, never really in the game, it’s time to find a play where you’re the lead, not an extra.

16. The Expedited Roomie: Love or Convenience?

Is the lease driving the love? Moving in should be a step towards a shared future, not just shared bills. Let love be the landlord of such decisions.

17. The Textual Relationship: All Chat, No Action

Endless emojis, countless texts, but zero dates? Relationships thrive in reality, not just virtuality. It might be time to press ‘delete’ instead of ‘send’.

18. Whirlwind Romances: The Quick Rise and Fall

Fast and furious can be thrilling, but real love isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. If it’s too good and too fast, maybe it’s too fleeting.

19. So Close Yet So Far: Almost, But Not Quite

Teetering on the edge of ‘something more’ but never quite there? Love shouldn’t be a game of ‘almost’. It’s time to seek clarity and direction.

Season breakups - ho ho ho - snowy setting from a cozy room20. Seasonal Break-Up: Bailing Before the Bells

Who would’ve thought Christmas carols could be the background score to heartbreak? If he’s dashing through the snow, away from commitment before the festive season, perhaps it’s a sign to jingle all the way to someone more deserving.


There you have it, my lovelies! While the dating scene keeps evolving, the quest for genuine connection remains. Every misadventure, every heartache, brings its own lesson. And with each lesson, you inch closer to your fairytale ending. Keep those hearts open and spirits high. Until our next heart-to-heart! 💋

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