Lately I’ve been obsessed about luck and good fortune. I’ve been reading about luck, talking about it and watching shows about it too so I thought it might be interesting to discuss the subject here – on a site where many people might view themselves as “unlucky in love”. What I’ve noticed over the last two decades is that, in most cases, that luck turns around and ends up being a lucky break. Are you lucky?

The Secret of Luck

Recently I watched a program on Youtube Darren Brown’s ‘The Secret of Luck”.

It’s well worth a view if you’ve not seen it as it provides some interesting experiments about being lucky. Basically in the show, enlisting the help from another journalist a seed (rumour) is planted about a dog statue in a park. The statue it is said is a lucky statue if you touch it.

He set up a hidden camera to watch the dog statue and filmed people going to it to pat its head for luck.

Additionally, Darren found people who considered themselves to be lucky and unlucky and did various experiments.

More and more people did claim to become more lucky as the experiment went on. One guy who claimed to be unlucky truly was but that’s a story for another day. Watch the show – I don’t want to spoil it. It truly got me thinking…

Defining Luck in Your Own Life

I run a networking event in Scotland for fellow business owners acorss the country and decided to choose the theme of luck for our meeting earlier this month. I asked the people on the Zoom call if they considered themselves lucky. Some people didn’t like the word “lucky” because they felt that they were making their own luck. 

We do make our own luck so I’d agree but that to me was simply semantics. 

Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas

Get Rich Lucky Bitch

A friend recently recommended the book Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Australian money maven Denise Duffield ThomasAs I had a credit on Audible, I decided to download the audio book and give it a listen (at 2x the speed). (Links for the book at the bottom)

I’ve now played the book three times through and have been applying many of the tips and principles she outlines in the book.

One of the most life changing is having a “Money Log” which you use to write down all your “Unclaimed” money and you track your money daily.

So in my case, I have a “current account” a “business account”, Paypal, a savings account, an ISA, post office (debit for travel), National Lottery, and several more. Strangely, I keep remembering other places I have money. (Not a lot by any means, but it all adds up).

So if you have stocks, shares, bonds, a 401k, a rental property (I don’t have any of those) you add that into your spreadsheet. Any gift vouchers or credit slips go in too. If you win something it goes in – to whatever value it has.

Doing this exercise made me feel abundant and grateful. I highly recommend you try it too!

The Luck Factor

In the Get Rich Lucky Bitch book, Denise cites a study from Richard Wiseman who studies luck at the University of Hertfordshire.

In his book, The Luck Factor (links below), Wiseman shares all kinds of stories from men and women who view their lives as either lucky or unlucky. He also highlights some tips to become even more lucky.

Am nearly done with this audio book too, and will be doing a daily diary to note down any good luck that comes my way over the next 30 days. (I’ve already won the lottery three times this month! Not the big jackpot, yet, but won nonetheless).

Lucky people tend to be more relaxed people who see opportunities, have perserverance and expect to be lucky.

The quality of the video footage below is poor quality, but the content is pretty compelling – so it’s worth a view – well, if you want to learn more how to be lucky!

Look for Good in Everything

For the last few decades, I really have come to believe I am a very lucky person. Sure bad things have happened to me, but I always find the silver lining in whatever comes my way.

Basically when the “bad luck” or things happen, I take the long game approach and trust that things are always working out for me. Eventually.

I find money in the street. People cross my path when I need them to. Work comes in with little effort. Mostly I have a relaxed and happy approach to life and live under the guise that “nothing ever happens to me, it happens for me.”

I have indeed become a relentless optimist.

Breakups to Lucky Breaks

Again as I mentioned at the start, it’s not uncommon for people to feel “unlucky in love”. They may view their breakup through a lens that says they’re doomed in love. They end up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy!

What’s always been interesting to me here on SYBD is how many people say that their bad experience actually was quite lucky, in time. Some even felt they “dodged a bullet” – with the benefit of hindsight.

Maybe they moved on to a new relationship, or a career opportunity or something else entirely, and had the relationship not ended, they would not have had said experience.

To those who are heartbroken right now….I say this: As hard as it may be for you to believe right now, after some time has passed, you may actually feel as though you too have actually had a “lucky” escape. 

Are You Generally Lucky or Not in Life?

How you choose to view your life – lucky or not – will shape your experiences.

The good news is that if you currently feel like you’re “unlucky” person, you can actually change, with practice, if you want to.

For those of you who are lucky, like me, please share some good fortune that has come your way lately in the comments below!

I’d love to hear some wonderful stories of good luck and positivity! 

Meanwhile, I’m off to buy a lottery ticket. Wish me luck!

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