Want to Change Your Life? Join ‘My Million Dollar Experiment’- 2021

Happy holidays lovely people of the world. Today is something not really about breakups, rather it’s more about mindset, intution and abundance.

I have recently signed up for something called the My Million Dollar Experiment.

This is a year-long, world wide experiment that was started by a woman Joanna in the Scottish Higlands which strives to increase wealth both personally and externally too.

From the MMDE website:

This an opportunity to participate in a giant social mindset and intuition experiment, to see if mindset and intuition can impact global wealth.

This sort of thing is right up my street so there was literally no moment’s thought when it came to signging up.

For $25 (US) it was an absolute “no brainer” to take part in this “social experiment”. 

I figured that I literally have nothing to lose and only everything to gain. I’ve no doubt about it.

My Million Dollar Experiment 2021

What Difference Would A Million Make to Your Life?

You may be going through a breakup or a divorce right now and if you are are, it is likely that you are all-consumed with thoughts about that.

I get it. I was there too. Heck I launched this website, so I know….

Wouldn’t it be better to be concentrating on your own personal abundance, wealth, physical and mental health and indeed prosperity?

Channel all of that energy into your own life and future. Increased wealth potentially could lead to new surroundings, travels, career opportunities and new partners too…

The world is your oyster.

Why Sign Up With Me?

Will you become a millionaire this time next year? Maybe? Maybe not. Ok probably not but honestly no one really knows the answer to that one.

To my mind, it’s worth trying. I may not reach a million bucks, pounds, euros or whatever, but hey, maybe I’ll double my income.

Maybe I’ll make some new friends along the way.

Perhaps some super cool ideas and opportunities will come my way as a result.

Whatever the case I feel 100% confident I’ll get my $25* worth!

I fully believe I will be better off than I am today and to be honest, today, I’m not doing too bad.

Oh by the way, that twenty five dollar price is due to jump up to $250 from January 1, 2021 so if you want to change your life, join me here now!

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