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welcome to soyouvebeendumped.com's -  exchange an online forum for dumpees

The SYBD Exchange is the perfect forum to share your story, ask questions, read other people’s stories and connect with people from around the world.

Though members of SYBD are at various stages of a relationship split, it’s helpful to connect to people going through or who have been through what you are – a breakup.

For Your Privacy – The SYBD forum is for registered users only

To view and post on our forums you will need to register for a FREE account here. We promise it’s worth it. 

Registered users can simply log in here.

We have six main forums or Zones covering areas such as being Dumped, Entertainment (TV, Books, Films, Music etc), Dating and lighter areas too. We also have a couple of exclusive forums for SYBD VIPs. (All original benefactors will automatically be an SYBD VIP) Learn more about the benefits of becoming an SYBD VIP here.

Welcome to the exchange - the so you've been dumped forum for breakups and divorces

Before Joining… Please Consider These Points

The Golden Rule applies here.
People that visit are quite often in a fragile, angry or raw state, so when responding to others – bear in mind that this is a supportive place so speak kindly, empathetically and just be a good human.

  • SYBD forums are moderated – so please limit personal details (about yourself or your ex).
  • Also please don’t share links without permission unless the post specifically calls for it.
  • This is a public forum! SYBD is a public forum and that means anyone join here for FREE too:- your ex, colleagues, journalists/media – so bear that in mind in mind when posting. Some of what you say could be used in SYBD’s projects – but I will ask for your consent ahead of time – or it will be detailed in the post.
  • We are not trained professionals! Please keep in mind that this is a breakup support forum. We’re not therapists. That said, we may have professionals in here from time to time – doctors, psychologists, counsellors et al – by and large this is just a community of non-health professionals. If you’re experiencing severe prolonged pain or depression – please seek professional help.
  • Write, Copy, Paste! Finally, a wee tip, write out your post in notepad, notes, word, or somewhere else and paste it in your thread. Some uses have taken so long to write their story the forum timed out. I don’t want that to happen to you!

Now that’s all been said, are you ready to join the conversation and share your story? Register for a FREE account here.

Registered users go here.

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